Your shortcut to metallurgical process optimisation.

Metallurgical Systems has invested 10+ years and 400,000+ hours of research and development to create the most advanced process optimisation and metallurgical accounting solution in the market. 

What’s really happening across your plant?

  • When was the last time you reviewed or updated your minerals processing plant’s technology?
  • Can you confidently say you know exactly what’s happening at every stage of production?
  • Are the processes that you’re using now really getting you the best results?

Metallurgical Systems offers a suite of highly customisable, off-the-shelf software that’s used by many of the world’s leading resource organisations. Streamline your metallurgical accounting and production reporting, and get unrivalled insights to help you improve your plant’s operations – it’s a proven shortcut to digital transformation, compliance, efficiency, and sustainability.

Find out why the resources sector has fallen 40% behind other industries with its digital transformation.

Get to know the Metallurgical Intelligence® suite

Our foundation metallurgical process optimisation solution
Creates a digital twin replica of your plant and brings together complex and disparate data to give you end-to-end visibility. It helps you easily see opportunities to improve processes, including ways to cut greenhouse gas emissions. 
Stand-alone solution or MI Core® extension

Helps you monitor and track your plant’s equipment performance and offers insights to help maximise effectiveness and longevity.

MI Core® extension
Helps you to set targets, budgets and forecasts and test different processes before applying them, including ways to cut greenhouse gas emissions.
MI Core® extension
Uses machine learning to analyse huge amounts of data and provides rapid and specific insights to improve both efficiency and profitability.

Proven success in 8 countries


US$ 0 m

~2.1 tonnes of gold lost to tailings



US$ 0 m

in lost revenue + a plant shutdown


US$ 0 m

of under-reported product losses per year 


US$ 0.01 m

in product lost to tailings per month

Our expertise spans engineering consultancy through to digital process optimisation solutions.

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